Reports, Articles

Reports A report could be written for a superior (a teacher or a boss) or a peer group (other students or colleagues). It will certainly contain some facts, possibly as […]

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Advice (present), Criticism (past), Intensifiers

Advice (present) We use should, It’s a good idea … and Why don’t you …? to give advice. We can also use ought to, but it is less common. – […]

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Stories, Discursive compositions

Stories A story will often be written for a magazine of some kind. The typical reader might be another student or someone who likes a particular kind of story. The […]

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Informal letters, Transactional letters

Informal letters An informal letter will be written to someone you know, e.g. a penfriend. It is usually written to tell the reader something interesting, share an experience, or explain […]

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Past perfect simple, Past perfect continuous, used to/would

Past perfect simple 1. We use this tense to make it clear that something happened before another event in the past. We usually need to use it if the events […]

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