Present simple, Present continuous

Present simple Form Positive statements – I/You/We/They speak English. – He/She/It speaks English. Negative statements – I/You/We/They don’t speak English. – He/She/It doesn’t speak English. Questions – Do I/You/We/They speak […]

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Advice (present), Criticism (past), Intensifiers

Advice (present) We use should, It’s a good idea … and Why don’t you …? to give advice. We can also use ought to, but it is less common. – […]

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Reports, Articles

Reports A report could be written for a superior (a teacher or a boss) or a peer group (other students or colleagues). It will certainly contain some facts, possibly as […]

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Stories, Discursive compositions

Stories A story will often be written for a magazine of some kind. The typical reader might be another student or someone who likes a particular kind of story. The […]

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Informal letters, Transactional letters

Informal letters An informal letter will be written to someone you know, e.g. a penfriend. It is usually written to tell the reader something interesting, share an experience, or explain […]

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