Write your Article

(You should write between 120-180 words)

Do think of an interesting title.
Don’t start and finish your article in the same way as a letter.

Do try to involve your readers, e.g. by using a question.

Do use informal language to involve the reader.

Don’t forget to express your opinion.

Do finish your article by summarising your main point and giving your opinion or expressing your feelings.


Useful language

Involving the reader

Are you thinking of (getting married in the near future)?
I’m sure you’ll agree (it was a great idea).

Developing your points

Let’s start with (why it is so important to take plenty of exercise).
Another advantage (of using a computer is that…)
On top of that,…

Giving your own opinion

I think that/In my opinion (traditional celebrations are very important).
It seems to me that (people are much more aware of the importance of a good diet nowadays).

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