Dicţionar de acronime în informatică (IRQ-PRAM)


Acronimul este un cuvânt format din primele litere ale cuvintelor dintr-o sintagmă sau expresie, dintr-un titlu etc.

Acronimele sunt cuvinte inventate prin simplificare extremă, ușor de pronunțat. Acestea se folosesc doar într-o formă standard.

Dicţionar de acronime în informatică (IRQ-PRAM)

IRQ – Interrupt Request
ISA – Industry Standard Architecture
iSCSI – Internet Small Computer Systems Interface
ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO – International Organization for Standardization

ISP – Internet Service Provider
IT – Information Technology
IVR – Interactive Voice Response
JFS – Journaled File System
JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group

JRE – Java Runtime Environment
JSF – JavaServer Faces
JSON – JavaScript Object Notation
JSP – Java Server Page
JVM – Java Virtual Machine

Kbps – Kilobits Per Second
KDE – K Desktop Environment
KVM Switch – Keyboard, Video, and Mouse switch
LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP
LAN – Local Area Network

LCD – Liquid Crystal Display
LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LED – Light-Emitting Diode
LIFO – Last In, First Out
LPI – Lines Per Inch

LTE – Long Term Evolution
LUN – Logical Unit Number
MAC Address – Media Access Control Address
MAMP – Mac OS X, Apache, MySQL, and PHP
MANET – Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Mbps – Megabits Per Second
MBR – Master Boot Record
MCA – Micro Channel Architecture
MDI – Medium Dependent Interface
MIDI – Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MIPS – Million Instructions Per Second
MIS – Management Information System
MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service
MP3 – MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3
MPEG – Moving Picture Experts Group

MTU – Maximum Transmission Unit
NAT – Network Address Translation
NetBIOS – Network Basic Input/Output System
NIC – Network Interface Card
NINO – Nothing In, Nothing Out

Dicţionar de acronime în informatică (IRQ-PRAM)

NNTP – Network News Transfer Protocol
NOC – Network Operations Center
NOS – Network Operating System
NSP – Network Service Provider
NTFS – New Technology File System

NUI – Natural User Interface
NVRAM – Non-Volatile Random Access Memory
OASIS – Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
OCR – Optical Character Recognition
ODBC – Open Database Connectivity

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
OLAP – Online Analytical Processing
OLE – Object Linking and Embedding
OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode
OOP – Object-Oriented Programming

OSD – On Screen Display
OSPF – Open Shortest Path First
OTA – Over-The-Air
OTT – Over-the-top
P2P – Peer to Peer

PC – Personal computer
PCB – Printed Circuit Board
PCI – Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCI-X – Peripheral Component Interconnect Extended
PCMCIA – Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PDA – Personal Digital Assistant
PDF – Portable Document Format
PDU – Protocol Data Unit
PHP – Hypertext Preprocessor
PIM – Personal Information Manager

PMU – Power Management Unit
PNGPortable Network Graphics
PON – Passive Optical Network
POP3 – Post Office Protocol
POST – Power On Self Test

PPC – Pay Per Click
PPGA – Plastic Pin Grid Array
PPI – Pixels Per Inch
PPL – Pay Per Lead
PPM – Pages Per Minute

PPP – Point to Point Protocol
PPPoE – Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet
PPS – Pay Per Sale
PPTP – Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
PRAM – Parameter Random Access Memory

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