Stories, Discursive compositions


A story will often be written for a magazine of some kind. The typical reader might be another student or someone who likes a particular kind of story. The writer might be writing in order to win a prize. The aim of the story will be to interest the reader.

Useful language

– I was eating an ice cream and Sarah was sunbathing when we first saw the shark.
– I was just about to open the door, when I heard a shout from the kitchen.
By the time I got to the house, Peter had left.
As soon as John arrived, we got in the car.

– We had been playing cards just before we heard the news.
It wasn’t until I got home that I realised how much I wanted to see him.
After waiting for some time, I decided to leave.
A few seconds later there was panic.
Eventually everyone went home.

Stories, Discursive compositions

Discursive compositions

A discursive composition will often be written for a teacher, perhaps as a follow-up to a class activity. It will require you to give your opinions on a particular subject.

Useful language

Giving opinions

It is often said that children watch too much television.
– In my opinion, people who hurt animals should be put in prison.
As far as I’m concerned, smoking should be banned in all public places.
– I think that it’s important that we all make an effort to recycle more of our everyday rubbish.
From my point of view, we all need to take responsability for the enviroment.

Linking expressions

Firstly, public transport needs to be improved.
– In addition, the government should open more leisure centres to encourage people to do exercise.
However, people who want to smoke should have places where they can go.
Although many peoples think that capital punishment is necessary, it is also true that people have been sentenced for crimes they did not commit.

Concluding expressions

To sum up, I feel that exams should not be the only way to test students.
In conclusion, we should all take an active part in improving our environment.
Finally, it is important to remember that you can ofter be delayed for several hours at the airport.
On balance then, I feel that boxing should be banned.

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