Reports, Articles


A report could be written for a superior (a teacher or a boss) or a peer group (other students or colleagues). It will certainly contain some facts, possibly as the result of an informal survey. It will be written in a formal style and will often end with some recommendations.

Useful language


This report is intended to describe/evaluate/present
As I was asked, I spoke to a number of tourists about their opinions of the city.

Reporting results

I found that there were a number of opinions on the subject. However, most people I talked to thought that smoking should be banned in all public places.
Having talked to a number of young people about what they do in their free time, I discovered that there were three main areas of interest.
I contacted over 50 different organisations and had replies from 43 of them.


As a result of my inquiries, I would like to make a number of points. Firstly
There are a number of ways in which the facilities for disabled people in this town could be improved. Firstly …
In conclusion, then, I strongly recommend that video cameras should be installed throughout the city centre to help reduce crime.

Reports, Articles


An article could be written for a magazine or a newsletter. The readers will have a similar interest to the writter. It will be written in an informal style and there will often be some description. The main purpose is to interest the reader and the writer will often make comments or give opinions.

Useful language

Talking to the reader

But are they a positive or a negative thing?
Would we be better off without them?
Do you want to be in a boring job for years and years?

Informal language

– Computer games can be a fun way to relax …
Maybe it’s a question of balance.
So, think about putting some money by for the future.

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