Indefinite article, Definite article, No article

Indefinite article

We use the indefinite article, a/an for:

Single countable nouns mentioned for the first time

– There’s a cat under the car.


– He’s a police officer.

Definite article

We use the definite article, the for:

Previously mentioned nouns

– She came over to me and gave me a present and a card. The present was wrapped in beautiful paper.

When there’s only one of something

– I would really love to go to the Moon.

Indefinite article, Definite article, No article

No article

We use no article for:

Most languages, names, streets, towns, cities, countries (except the USA, the UK)

– I’m going to learn French and Italian at school.
– I’m going to invite James to the party.
– I live in Nelson Road, in Campbridge.
– The whole family have emigrated to Argentina.
– I’ve lived in the UK all my life.

Uncountable nouns, plural nouns and abstract nouns

– I’m going to buy bread and milk.
– It’s difficult to find accommodation around here.
– I like cats but I don’t like dogs.
– She gave us very good advice.

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