Hypothetical meaning

Wish + past simple

We use wish + past simple (or If only  + past simple) to express a wish about the present or the future.

I wish/If only I had my own computer.
I wish/If only I was going on the trip tomorrow.

Would rather + past simple

We use would rather + past simple to express a preference about the present or future.

I’d rather you called back later, if you don’t mind.
Would you rather I went to town tomorrow?

Wish + past perfect

We use wish + past perfect to refer to things that we wish had been different in the past.

I wish I’d never met you!

I wish I could

We use I wish I could to talk about an ability we’d like to have, or habit we’d like to be able to give up.

I wish I could drive.
I wish I could give up smoking.

Hypothetical meaning

Wish + would

We use wish + would to talk about a habit we’d like someone else to give up.

I wish my grandfather would give up smoking.

It’s (high) time

We use It’s time or It’s high time + past simple to describe something we think should be done in the present or future.

It’s high time the government did something about the traffic in our cities.


We use suppose to describe something that may happen in the future or may have happened in the past. It means the same as What if…?

Suppose you don’t get a job – what will you do then?
Suppose he hadn’t had a map – he’d never have found his way home.

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