Countable/uncountable nouns, Relative clauses

Countable/uncountable nouns

Some words are always uncountable. They cannot be used with the indefinite article (a/an) and they do not have a plural form.

– I need some advice about which course to choose.
– There’s a lot of information availalable on the Internet.
– She’s doing research into language learning.
– There isn’t any news about the elections yet.

Some words may be countable or uncountable, depending on their precise meaning.

– There’s a space between the cupboard and the wall. (countable)
– The astronauts will travel trough space. (uncountable)

Countable/uncountable nouns, Relative clauses

Relative clauses

Defining relative clauses

Defining relative clauses say which person or thing (or kind of person or thing) we are talking about.

– I’d prefer to go to the session which/that starts at 7.15.
– The matter of which I am speaking now is strictly confidential.
– The man she asked couldn’t tell her anything.
– The apartment where I lived was very cheap.

Non-defining relative clauses

Non-defining relative clauses tell us more about a person or thing that we have already identified.

– On the 3rd of March, which is Saturday, we’re having a party.
– The President, for whom a press conference had been organised, had to leave suddenly.
– The treaty, under the terms of which all prisoners are to be released, was signed yesterday.

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