Informal letters, Transactional letters

Informal letters

An informal letter will be written to someone you know, e.g. a penfriend. It is usually written to tell the reader something interesting, share an experience, or explain feelings or personal opinions.

Useful language:


Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you.
Sorry I haven’t written for so long. I’ve been really busy recently.
I thought I’d better write and let you know that…


That’s about all my news. Do write soon and let me know what you’ve been doing.
Once again, thanks very much for all your help last week.
I’m (really) looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.


I’m (really) sorry that I couldn’t come to your party but unfortunately I had flu all weekend.

Inviting/reacting to invitations

Why don’t you come and stay at my house next weekend?
Thanks for the party invitations. I’d love to come.
It was really kind of you to invite me to come sailing but I’m afraid I’m going away with my parents that weekend.


Do you think you could find out how much tickets for the Enrique Iglesias concert are going to be?
Would it be all right if I borrowed your car?


Congratulations on getting the job! Does this mean you will be moving up north?
– Jim and I just wanted you to know how pleased we were that you did so well in your exams.

Informal letters, Transactional letters

Transactional letters

A transactional lettter may be formal or informal. It will usually involve taking action of some kind. For example, this may mean:
– giving information
– asking for information
– making a complaint
– asking for responses to suggestions.

Useful language:

Requesting information

I am writing in response to your advertisment in Friday’s edition of The Times.
I would be grateful if you could send me a copy of your summer brochure.
I am writing to enquire about possible tennis coaching.
I would like to know more about the type of accommodation that you can provide.


I am writing to you about an unfortunate incident that took place in your shop on Tuesday.
I have now been waiting over two months for a replacement to arrive.
To make matters worse, we were told that there was no record of our reservation.
I would be grateful if you could refund the cost of the holiday as soon as possible.

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