Uncountable nouns, Nouns which can be countable or uncountable

Uncountable nouns

These have no plural. The following are common nouns that are usually uncountable:

accomodation, advice, behavior, bread;
copper (and all other metals);
meat, sugar;
English (and all other languages);
furniture, health, information, knowledge, luggage;
maths (and other school subjects);
news, progress, research;
rice (and all other grains and cereals);
salt (and all other condiments, e.g. pepper);
scenery, spaghetti, traffic, transport, travel, trouble;
water (and all other liquids);
– weather, work.


Use a slice, a lump, and a piece with uncountable nouns for food.

– Just one lump of sugar, please.
– I’ll just have a small slice of cake.
– Would you like another piece of toast?

Uncountable nouns, Nouns which can be countable or uncountable

Nouns which can be countable or uncountable

1. Nouns we can think of as a single thing or substance

– e.g. chicken, chocolate, egg, hair, iron, paper, stone.

– There are only two chocolates left in the box.
– You’ve got chocolate on your T-shirt.

– We’ll have to buy a new iron.
– Green vegetables are rich in iron.

– Have you read today’s paper?
– I need to go and buy some paper for the printer.

– There’s a hair in my soup.
– She’s got short dark hair.

– The house is built of stone. (= rock)
– The necklace is made of semi-precious stones. (= gems)

2. Nouns which are used to refer to particular varieties

– e.g. wine, country.

– Would you like some wine? This is a very good wine.
– I’d like to have a house in the country. He’s worked in five different countries.

3. Words for some drinks

– e.g. coffee, beer.

The countable noun means a glass of, a cup of, a bottle of.

Coffee is produced in Africa and South America.
– Shall we have a coffee and a piece of cake?

4. Time, space, room

– There’s no time to talk – we have to rush!
– I didn’t have a very good time at the party.

– There’s no space left. You’ll have to get another bag.
– Fill in the spaces with the correct preposition.

– There’s room for seven people in this car.
– This is my favorite room in the whole house.

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