The definite article (the), The indefinite article (a/an)

The definite article: the

We use the definite article the:

– when the person or thing referred to is unique:

The sun came out and soon we were dry.
The President is giving a speech tonight.
The London Marathon, the Olympic Games.

– to talk about specific things when the context makes it clear what we are reffering to:

Your shoes are in the cupboard.
Your dinner’s in the fridge.

– to talk about previously mentioned things:

A man and a woman walked into the room. The man was wearing sunglasses.

– with superlatives:

He’s the bravest person in the team.

– to talk about a generic class of things:

The bycicle was invented about 200 years ago.
The tiger is in danger of becoming extinct.

– with oceans, seas, rivers and deserts:

He’s sailed across the Atlantic and the Pacific.
We went by canoe up the Orinoco.
She said she’d driven across the Sahara.

– with plural mountain ranges and island groups:

Are the Andes as high as the Himalayas?
The British Isles include the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man.

– with continents and countries whose name includes a common noun:

He’s from the Czech Republic, but he’s living in the United States.

– with areas:

There is a range of mountains in the north.

– with hotels, cinemas, theatres:

They had afternoon tea at the Ritz.
That new Polish film is on at the Odeon.

– with newspapers:

The Times, The Guardian, The Independent.

– with national groups:

The English are a mixed race.

The definite article (the), The indefinite article (a/an)

The indefinite article: a/an

Use the indefinite article a/an:

– with (singular) jobs, etc.:

She’s an architect.
Is your sister a football fan, too?

– with singular countable nouns (mentioned for the first time or when it doesn’t matter which one):

I’d like a sandwich and a glass of orange juice.
What you need is a rest.

– with these numbers: 100, 1.000, 1.000.000:

There were over a hundred people at the wedding.
He made a million dollars in one year.

– in exclamations about singular countable nuns:

What an amazing view!

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