Letter/Email to a friend (Useful language, Rules)

Letter/Email to a friend – Useful language

Beginning the letter or email

Many thanks for your letter (- it was really nice to hear from you again).
I thought I’d better write (and give you some more details about…)
It’s been such a long time since we wrote to each other.
How are you and your family?
How are things with you?
How was (your holiday)?

Introducing the topic

I know you’re longing to hear all about (my holiday).
You remember I told you in my last letter (that I was going to…)

Ending the letter or email

Once again, (thanks very much for all your help).
Give my love/regards to (your family).
Please write/drop me a line soon.
I look forward to (meeting up again soon).

Letter/Email to a friend (Useful language, Rules)

Letter/Email to a friend – Rules

DO invent a name. Don’t write Dear Pen Friend.
– e.g. Dear Carla,

DO mention a letter or email you have received from the person you are writing to, or refer to a shared experience.
– e.g. It was great to hear from you.

DO say what you’ve been doing recently.
– e.g. …I’ve been really busy preparing for my exams.

DO think of some specific details to include in each paragraph – this will make your letter or email more interesting.

DO mention the next time you will see the person you are writing to.
– e.g. …I’m looking forward to seeing you in July!

DO use an appropriate phrase to end your letter or email.
– e.g. Love, All the best, Best Wishes.

DON’T finish your letter or email with sincerely…
– e.g. Yours sincerely/faithfully.

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