Indefinite article (a/an), Definite article (the), Zero Article

Indefinite article (a/an)

We use the indefinite article a/an for singular countable nouns:

When we mention something for the first time

– The concept of a brand is difficult to define.

When it doesn’t matter which particular person or thing we are referring to

– I bought this T-shirt in a supermarket.

Definite article (the)

We use the definite article the for singular and plural countable nouns, and with uncountable nouns:

When something has already been mentioned, so we already know which person or object is being reffered to

– My parents lived in a small house. The house was old…

When there is only one thing or person

The actor who played James Bond in ‘Dr No’ was Sean Connery.

When there is one thing, person etc. that is especially important to the speaker

– I’ve got an appointment at the hospital.

In generalisations with singular countable nouns

The panda is threatened with extinction for nationalities.
– Many of the English prefer coffee to tea.

With adjectives used as nouns

– She goes to a special school for the blind.

For regions, mountain ranges, oceans, seas and countries (when these refer to a collection of states or areas)

England is part of the British Isles.

For hotels, restaurants, theatres and cinemas

– We can’t possibly afford to stay at the Ritz.

Indefinite article (a/an), Definite article (the), Zero Article

Zero Article

We use no article (the zero article):

In generalisations with plural and uncountable nouns when we mean „all”

– I like music.

When we are reffering to the general use of an institution rather than a particular place

– He goes to school in Scotland.
– He’s been taken to hospital.

For continents, countries and cities

Perth is in Australia.

For mountains and lakes

Lake Vostok is permanently frozen.

For most streets (except the High Street)

– I live on North Avenue.

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